A Simple Invasion


Minimalist TV/ Movie Poster

Create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of minimalist design/iconography.


For this assignment i thought it would be the perfect way to get the image of Agnes Moorhead completely butchering the aircraft out of my mind. Even though the invaders were a large part of the story and probably could have worked for this poster, i honed in on the word minimalist and focused on the minimal design that the invaders craft used. With the exception of the US logo located on the craft, it can be broken down to be two circles and a long rectangle. Fitting very well into the minimalist frame. I was lucky that the template i used offered a text that was similar to the Twilight Zone text so that i could add a few key word elements to the poster.

In order to create this poster I used a Poster template in microsoft word. Once i picked out my template (movie poster) i changed the color scheme to Grayscale so that it remained within the framework of the black and white time period that the episode was produced in. The template came preloaded with text and a picture so i had to delete all of that and add in my own text. On the bottom i chose to include the air date for the episode to allow for it to seem more like a movie poster with the release date listed. In the top left hand corner I added the Episode title and TV series. The font used is called Mistral (heading). In order to make the picture of the air craft, I used the shapes feature and made one large circle, placed it on the bottom and filled it in with the darkest grey to try and stay as close to the color used in the actual episode, i then drew a smaller circle and made it one shade lighter than the base circle. I then changed my shape to be a rectangle, made it equal in length to the diameter of the circle and filled it in black. Once that was complete and the rectangle did not extend past the larger circle, i filled it in using the darkest grey shade offered. Because of its dark nature, it could not blend in with overlapping the smaller circle, i had to format the smaller circle to bring it to the front of all of the images so that the rectangle was not sitting on top of the small circle.

Word does not allow for the exporting of actual documents to a JPEG file, instead i had to save the picture to my desktop, then save another version as a PDF, from the PDF file I was able to export the poster to be a JPEG file, then upload it to Flickr and to the this post.