A Squished Head is not a Happy Head

Photo on 2-26-12 at 2.58 PM

Optical Illusion

Take a photo that manipulates distance to create an optical illusion. For example, I created an image of me holding the Washington Monument in my hand.

For this assignment i took a secret picture from my desk and was squishing my friends head. There isnt much reason behind it other than to mess with her by taking secret pictures and then posting them on social media sites. Taking secret pictures is an ongoing media war, the most famous secret picture however is getting caught napping. Those can be some embarrassing pictures. Im not speaking from experience or anything. Oh and feel free to ignore my old art work that plagues the walls in the picture.

For this picture i just used my basic webcam in Mac’s photo booth. I adjusted the angle of my camera to include both me and her in the frame, i was able to adjust my hand accordingly and then I just shrunk my fingers down enough to get it to seem as if I was about to squish her head. The actual process of taking the picture and setting it up was quite simple, it was just a matter of my friend not knowing what was going on so that i could actually take the picture. After i took the picture, photo booth automatically saves pictures your desktop, so i just had to find it and upload it to both my flickr and to this post.