I Dont Like These Noises in my Head

Invaders Gif

friendly b&w animated GIFs From The Twilight Zone and Beyond?  Try to capture all of the really nice childhood moments! You know the really, really best and funnest parts!

The Invaders Gif assignment was the only mandatory assignment for this week. I chose the seen when Agnes Moorhead begins to hear things. Her facial expressions in this scene depict the pain of being invaded by some external source, as if the invasion of her home was truly an invasion of her and her body. I wanted to depict this because of the universal discomfort her face expresses. Her feelings are something that everyone has felt, be it a physical invasion or even a mental invasion, the pain still exists.

This was probably one of the most difficult assignment that i have completed already for this class. Even though i followed the tutorials because of the size of my file it would not upload directly to wordpress, and would incorrectly upload to flickr. Instead i used  an outside source, minus, that allowed me to upload a 4.8 mb gif. From this site i was able to embed my gif into my post.

In order to make my gif however, i downloaded the Invaders video and imported it into MPEG Streamclip, from there i selected the start point of my gif using the “I” key and then the endpoint using the “O” key. I trimmed the video in order to see exactly what parts of the episode i had selected and trimmed further as necessary. I then saved the file as set of images, then had them imported into GIMP as layers of images. Because the images imported at 854×480 i needed to rescale the layers of images to 640×360. Once finished and the clip was played back i exported it as a gif file and then saved it as well.